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Dr. Vern Anderson
Owner, Lead Consultant
Dakota Global Livestock

Dr. Vern Anderson works in concert with agronomic researchers to develop crop-livestock production systems that will provide grain, protein, and forages to ruminant animals. He has traveled across North America, Asia, and Europe advising and lecturing on his feeds research. He has published numerous research papers in a variety of journals, university research reports, and popular press. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Sciences and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists which certifies the Professional Animal Scientist (P.A.S.) credential. His academic training was initiated at South Dakota State University with his Ph.D. earned at North Dakota State University in 2000.

Dr. Anderson has led efforts in economic development of livestock enterprises throughout the region. He was a founding member of the North Dakota State University Feedlot School and continues to teach some of those core classes. Dr. Anderson was one of the founding partners in Global Beef Consultants, LLC, which built the first large-scale western style beef production business in Kazakhstan with over 7000 head of cattle exported to that country, to date.