Livestock Consulting

At Dakota Global we’re not just consultants; we’re also cattle producers. We know what it takes to minimize inputs while simultaneously maximizing profit potential. As your consulting nutritionists, we’ll customize bankable solutions for you.

We focus on two key areas for producers: animal nutrition and production management. For agribusinesses, we provide operational, regulatory and technical guidance, product development, and marketing support. 

For Producers

  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Operational Planning
    • Management
    • Nutrition
  • Worker Training

For Agribusiness

  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Feed Wholesomeness - FDA - Food Safety Modernization Act
      • Hazard Analysis, Risk-based Preventative Controls
      • Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Agricultural Practices
    • Animal Welfare
    • Process Verification (process claims, grass-fed, humane)
    • Labeling Claims
  • Feed Manufacturing
    • Start-up Services
    • Market Development
    • Feed Formulations
    • Troubleshooting