Dr. Travis Maddock
President, Owner, Lead Consultant
Dakota Global

Dr. Travis Maddock is the president, owner, and consultant for Dakota Global. Travis has over 15 years of research and teaching experience in agriculture with an emphasis on cattle nutrition, including the use of alternative feedstuffs in beef cattle diets, nutritional manipulation of the bovine reproductive system, digestive and metabolic efficiency of ruminants and beef meat quality. Travis has published several peer reviewed papers and popular press articles dealing with livestock management and is commonly invited to speak regarding livestock production to groups across the US and abroad.

Prior to forming Dakota Global, Travis worked as the lead nutritionist and technical consultant for Global Beef Consultants, LLC and TOO KazBeef, Ltd., directing daily operations on large beef cattle operations in Kazakhstan and Russia. Additionally, Travis has worked with the Kazakhstan government to support teaching and outreach (adult education) activities and assisted in the development of that country’s first modern nutrition analysis laboratory.

Travis earned his baccalaureate degrees in animal science and education from North Dakota State University, a M.S. in meat science from Texas A&M University, and a Ph.D. in ruminant nutrition from North Dakota State University. He served as a post-doctoral research fellow with the University of Florida, studying the economics and biology of nutritional efficiency in beef cattle systems. Travis’s professional affiliations include the American Society of Animal Science, American Meat Science Association, and the National Cattleman’s Beef Association.

Beyond consulting, Travis remains connected with production agriculture as the planning and marketing partner for Angle M Cattle Company, a beef-cattle based agribusiness located in North Dakota that was recently recognized by the State of North Dakota as exceptional for its conservation and management of natural resources. Travis resides in Davenport, ND with his wife, Mistte, and two children.

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Dr. Vern Anderson
Owner, Lead Consultant
Dakota Global Livestock

Dr. Vern Anderson works in concert with agronomic researchers to develop crop-livestock production systems that will provide grain, protein, and forages to ruminant animals. He has traveled across North America, Asia, and Europe advising and lecturing on his feeds research. He has published numerous research papers in a variety of journals, university research reports, and popular press. He is a member of the American Society of Animal Sciences and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists which certifies the Professional Animal Scientist (P.A.S.) credential. His academic training was initiated at South Dakota State University with his Ph.D. earned at North Dakota State University in 2000.

Dr. Anderson has led efforts in economic development of livestock enterprises throughout the region. He was a founding member of the North Dakota State University Feedlot School and continues to teach some of those core classes. Dr. Anderson was one of the founding partners in Global Beef Consultants, LLC, which built the first large-scale western style beef production business in Kazakhstan with over 7000 head of cattle exported to that country, to date.